Corporate Gifting Best Practices

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Who doesn’t loves a well thought of gift? We all do. Regardless of age or gender, gifts make all of us happy, cared for and feel special. But gifting may also be confusing, because what maybe a thoughtful splurge for someone may become useless for the receiver because of dislike or utility. Nowadays, gifting isn’t limited to festivals and few occasions. Companies, businesses and start-ups, big or small, are incorporating corporate gifting and promotional gifting practices to motivate their employees and recognising their contribution, hard work as well as to the key customers on certain days. So to understand more, we need to dive in deep in the do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting and promotional gifts to make this corporate gifting trend useful to you and your needs.

The corporate gifting trend could be more tedious than it looks like. When you go for branded and promotional gifting at a personal level, you may buy according to their likes or dislikes. But when coming to corporate gifting to your employees, you are giving gifts to the most important and indispensable resources of your company. Care has to be taken for your business clients as well as partners too. Because you are not the only one giving them gifts, it becomes important that your gift is the right one.

So here we present the 5 W’s of Corporate Gifting- Why, Who, What, When, Where with guiding principles to help you select the right promotional gifts.


  1. WHY should you send gifts in businesses?

There are a plethora of excuses to give corporate and promotional gifts within the company: holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, weddings, promotions, retirements, get well, good luck, new babies and so much more.

This makes the employees feel special, motivated and cared for. It is advisable to adopt such practices in your workplace to keep the work force inspired.


  1. WHO should receive these gifts?

Your business network is a blend of contacts, clients, employees, vendors, partners, colleagues and so many more. When understanding who should receive a gift, people can be divided into two groups: Clients and Employees.



While sending gifts on behalf of your organisation, you should consider the purpose of sending it.  If you want to thank a client, send a gift to the company and not an individual, which can be enjoyed by the company as a whole. If the client is the key personnel and point of contact and has been the main decision maker, it is appropriate to send gifts individually to the person.

The key areas to consider is that would your gift make the individual feel valued and recognised? Or is the gift appropriate for them?



Every employee, from the janitor to senior level executives, may deserve a gift at some point or the other. It may be to give appreciation, to welcome them to the company, recognise an achievement, or to bid farewell and appreciate their contribution till date.

The gifts maybe occasion specific, for example wedding gift to your colleague or a thank you gift to the person who helped you in the presentation.  Celebrating a co-worker’s birthday or anniversary, these special occasions can help you keep your workforce happy and contended.


  1. WHERE should you send the gift?

Should your gift be sent to the homes or at office places? This all comes down to the nature of occasion, the receiver of gifts and their needs and preferences.

If you want to send a gift to a co-worker to wish them speedy recovery, you may want to send to their homes. If the gift is to be given as a token of appreciation at workplace, it should be given in front of their colleagues and whole office.

So it all comes down to the different occasions, preferences and convenience of the receiver.


  1. WHAT should you give as gifts?

You should choose a gift that is appropriate for the situation and the person. Your gift should be thoughtful, send out the right message, not offend anyone and be the perfect fit for the occasion and the receiver. Anything memorable and meaningful also makes a great gift.

Your effort and reason for selecting the gift should be evident.


Here are some categories for corporate gifting ideas:


Practical Corporate Gifts

These gifts are of a lot of utility to the receiver. These gifts include:

  • Notebooks
  • Office Stationery
  • Gift Vouchers

 Luxury Corporate Gifts

               Luxury gifts are given to employees and clients for that extra recognition for that     contribution made by them. These gifts show your elegance and care for the receiver.

  • Customised apparel
  • Home Décor
  • Chocolates

Personalised Corporate Gifts

Add a personalised touch to your gifts and make them more special.

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