How do Non Profits benefit from branding and marketing

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Non Profits work tirelessly for the underprivileged in society with fewer resources than their for-profit contemporaries. They work day and night for the cause, and so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that some of the organisations may put non-profit branding at a back burner. Also with limited resources, the smaller organisations have to make the use judiciously.  It is essential for them to make every penny count in terms of marketing and promoting their brand.

Let’s begin by answering the most important questions:

What is Branding? Why is it essential for a Non-profit?

Branding is all about establishing a relationship that you want to have with your audience to nurture trust, loyalty and inclination towards your organisation. Every interaction, every action and point of contact influences your audience’s perception of your organisation and is an opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Similar to other organisations, your non-profit is a brand and so it needs to raise awareness for its cause; to get donors and volunteers who believe in your agenda. Marketing helps raise awareness of your brand while branding spreads the word about your organisation and your cause.

Therefore, we can say that marketing and branding is as important to non-profits as to any of its profit oriented counterparts. Our branding mix for Non-profits include a plethora of options including personalised promotional products , business promotional items like branded giveaways and promo gifts. A strong non-profit brand can further assist in strategically advancing a non-profit’s goal- its impact and mission and thereby result into-Greater Financial Assistance; when your supporters feel for your cause and connect to your brand’s mission, they are more likely to be consistent donors.

Deployment of resources effectively; increasing credibility in the donor’s eyes will certainly help to implement efficiency and flexibility for organisations that are weaker brands.

Talent Acquisition; like efficient board members, volunteers and workers.

Maintaining partnerships.

How does TAPP NOW help?

We at TAPP NOW believe in creating a strategy for the non-profits that serves as a seamless sales funnel for your donors.

Your donors would want to support your cause. Our studies show that, rather than giving away free stuff, gifting and selling branded merchandise or personalised promotional products to your donors will translate into a higher donation amount and eventually a higher donation rate.

We strive to give our non-profit clients personalised promotional products like apparel and business promotional items like branded giveaways, promo gifts, branded office stationery that they can market to their donor base to raise awareness, support and revenue, establishing a brand identity of their own; an identity associated with a cause.

We focus on your promotional product strategy based on the analysis done for your industry, and create a plan to earn the best ROI for every cent that you spend on your promotions. From business promotional items like branded stationery, signage, apparels, bags and totes, to branded giveaways, promo gifts we deal in a variety of products that can be useful to your donors and thus a win-win situation.

We believe in giving a chance to all the organisations to strengthen their brand name, so that their mission is taken forward with a large participation.

In a nutshell we can say that, branding isn’t just something for the highly funded start-ups or to get into a Fortune list. Your non-profit, no matter what size, should invest time and efforts in the process. The reward is stirring- a more energised and aware donor base, enthusiastic supporters, targeted goals and a way to get the message out.  Perhaps, the best payoff is that when done right, branding gives your non-profit the leverage to carry forward the work that is the reason for your inception in first place: to generate outcomes that help you make a difference.

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