Strengthen your Organisation’s Messaging UsingTraditional and Modern Branding Solutions

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Branding, marketing and promotions aren’t new concepts, but with the evolution of technology, marketing a product or a service has certainly changed. With a wide accessibility that the internet provides, a lot of businesses are exploring the digital platform to reach a bigger audience. However, it does not mean that the traditional solutions aren’t effective any more. A right combination of modern and traditional promotional solutions will elevate your brand visibility and help you increase your customer base.

TAPP is your one stop solution for curating the best promotional items mix for your business. From promotional giveaways, branded giveaways to a properly encapsulated industry analysis specific to your business, and assessing your requirements, you get a 360 degree package.

We, at TAPP facilitate in taking your brand to the next level by strategizing the requirements for your brand. We help you coordinate your brand through various promotional items, apparel, signage and so much more. Our team creates a data driven strategy and provides you with a personalised analysis of your industry, current market trends and do the market research for you. All of these elements are the pre-requisites for the survival of any kind of business, and remain assured, we help you with that.

Why should you choose TAPP for your business?

  • We build specialised programs for your complex corporate requirements including employee incentives, recruitment, human resource and much more.
  • We have a strong supply chain in place to ensure scalable production, expansion of reach as an organisation with delivery to satellite offices, facilities and also directly to employees.
  • We draft strategic campaigns incorporating multiple channels including print, promo, signage, branded promotional giveaways, promotional items, branded giveaways, branded uniforms for employees, head to toe customised apparel for your company employees, custom packaging solutions, technological assistance in marketing, and the list goes on.
  • Keeping in mind the repercussions of the recent pandemic, we also offer tailor-made safety solutions for your company. Even though supply chains have been affected all over the world due to the COVID-19 crisis, TAPP is committed to providing the customers with speedy turnaround for the essential supplies, so they can continue operations without any hassles.

In light of the aforementioned pointers, we at TAPP are fully devoted to provide you with not only tangible products and services, but also an in depth personalised assistance in terms of suggestions and advices.

We assist you to select the products that you can include in your promotional giveaways, promotional items, branded giveaways,   and services pervasive to your needs and requirements with a guarantee of the quality and genuineness of effort to take your brand to the zenith.

Even if you get stuck on something and not sure if it is for you or not, our in-house experts are there to guide you at every step and provide you with a tailored shortlist of promotional items, branded giveaways or promotional giveaways to help you pick the right product, thus giving you a competitive edge over your counterparts in the industry.

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