Top 5 Branded Giveaway Ideas this Winter Season

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Promotional items make for an excellent way for you to increase your sales at any time of the year. Winter is just round the corner, and so is the holiday season. There isn’t a better time to host some cool branded giveaways this season and to boost your revenue at the same time. Research from industry group the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has shown that recipients of promotional items such as branded winter gifts are at least 50% more likely to do business with the company afterward. It is time to prepare your customers to face the cold winds but also to enjoy the weather in their cosy homes. Here are some promotional items and branded giveaway ideas to keep your customers stylishly warm and make the most of the cold hues.

  1. Cosy Blankets

Who doesn’t like to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a warm fuzzy blanket? The ideal stay in situation, wherein most of the people are working from home, a soft cuddly throw would make the perfect promotional gift. Trust this to be your go to this winter season.


  1. Coffee Mugs

We all like to snuggle up with our favourite hot cocoa or that cappuccino while binge watching shows or reading a book. The perfect addition to anyone’s collection, one cannot have enough of coffee mugs. These make for the perfect branded giveaway items as these can be customised as well.


  1. Warm clothing

Anything from gloves, socks to hoodies, sweatshirts or jackets, one needs something or the other to keep them warm. Flaunt your winter collection this season. Fuzzy pullovers or cuddly scarfs are all we need and so they make for excellent promo gifts for you to boast about. These will further even help you generate sales, thus increasing your turnover.


  1. Outdoor Sports Equipment

Skiing is one of the most enjoyed winter sports, so why not gift your customers some quality equipment to help them up their game and chisel their skills while they are at it. With this you can surely attract more customers who engage with your company to enjoy this adventurous sport. A sure shot winner for branded giveaways indeed!


  1. Winter Skincare Giveaway

Winters bring with them dryness of skin. If you are a skincare brand, what better than to curate a skincare routine for your customers and use it as a branded giveaway or a promotional item. This will help you cash on an amazing number of customers. Who doesn’t love soft supple skin after all?



This was our list of top branded giveaway ideas for your brand this winter season. Curate and create some combinations that will help your customers through the season, while giving them comfort and relaxation at the same time. Visit TAPP Now to get custom promotional products made for your company employees and customers and bring holiday cheer into their homes.




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