What embellishment should I choose?

With our in-house embellishment services, TAPP is able to offer over a dozen options for embellishments ranging from embroidery to laser etching to heat transfer.

However we understand this can be overwhelming for someone not familiar with the process so we’ve put together a guide that walks you through each application and helps you choose the one that’s best for you.

Laser-etched Leather

Laser etching uses a tightly-focused beam of light to burn away small layers of a fabric, creating a tonal decoration.


Dimensions relief transfers with high and low relief portions using different colors. A corn-based PVC makes this decoration eco-friendly.

Silicone Dye-Block

Silicone transfers are a dimensional, heat-applied decoration with a soft, rubbery feel and matte finish.


Patches are a great vintage throwback that's trending in retail, action sports, and outdoor recreation. Patches are available in embroidered, woven, or sublimated variations.


Machine-sewn designs that puncture a piece of fabric thousands of times with thread to recreate a logo or piece of creative

Screen Print

A technique that uses a mesh stencil and ink to imprint a design onto a garment.

Silicone-based Heat Transfer

An elevated, sport-related and trend right logo in silicone, for athletic fan wear.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation can create full-color photo-realistic images on an end-to-end surface or in small spot areas, through a super heated ink process that permeates the fabric fibers.

Simulated Stitch

A heavy, varsity-stitched appearance without needing to stitch into garment.


A shiny translucent vinyl that creates a see-through effect when applied to a garment


A high-quality foil decoration with a shiny finishes in dozens of patterns, applied via heat transfer. Ideal for personalization as well as logos.

3-D Molded

These textured decorations make a powerful statement and are ideal for sports when applied to jerseys, hats, and outerwear. Available in metal, high-gloss, and standard finishes.

HD Flock Transfer

With a raised and heavily-textured hand feel, High-Detail Flock Transfers can be used to create a colorful, vintage look with incredible detail.

Hybrid Transfer

Hybrid transfers mix digital print and screen technology to create full-color logos with no outlines or borders, via water-based inks. They are eco-friendly and can be applied to most fabrics.

Reverse Applique

With our laser bridge machine, we take appliqué embellishment one step further with reverse appliqué. To achieve this fashion look, we cut through the garment surface to reveal a layer of appliqué below. You can even combine reverse appliqué with embroidery or regular appliqué to create a great multi-media design like the ones shown below.

Sequin Embroidery

Create eye-catching looks for women’s garments with sequin embroidery. We stock all of the sequin colors shown below. One color sequin can be used in combination with multiple embroidery thread colors to create a unique design.

Laser Applique

We offers high-tech laser cut appliqué embellishment that can be used to create a variety of looks. Choose from a large assortment of appliqué fabrics and colors to produce everything from classic to fashion designs in single or multiple layers.

Laser Etch

Utilizing laser technology, we can etch a design on a variety of fabrics. The end result differs by fabric, but is always a precise, clean mark that offers a unique, upscale look. Our laser can achieve smaller detailing than other laser machines. Take advantage of unique placements, such as across zippers and seams or down sleeves to create a design that looks like it’s part of the fabric. Laser etching is recommended for medium-shade garments.

Tech Patches

Our laser tech patches are a fashion-forward branding option for our mid-weight layers and outerwear.


An upscale option for adding texture and dimension to brand logos. Great on performance garments or for larger logos with lots of detail. Die-mold transfers can be applied to garments labeled for Die-Mold Transfer (DMT) decoration. Not available on caps.