Product Spotlight: Mobile Tech

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There’s no denying or escaping it – no matter where you look, you’ll see people using their cell-phones all day, every day. And just as they’re attached to their phones, so too are their phones connected to all kinds of accessories. From earbuds and chargers to stands and protective cases, mobile accessories are everywhere.

Innovation drives the category – both from top consumer brands like Apple, Bose and Samsung as well as promo sup-pliers who offer items that take advantage of the latest technology that end-users expect. We live in the age of technology where everyone wants to get their hands on the newest, fastest and cutting-edge. Every outlet from the manufacturer, media and consumer is fueling the movement.”

For example, most of the newest phones now offer Type-C charging and cables, sometimes in addition to their traditional or proprietary charging methods. This newer Type C outlet (also known as USB-C) can be faster than previous forms of charging. Other devices may be looking to implement Type C charging, generating an opportunity for promo companies to help consumers keep their accessories across various devices up-to-date. Cables, power banks and wall chargers will need to be upgraded to charge a Type C device.

Wireless earbuds and headphones are also high on consumers’ must-list. Everybody may already have a pair of ear-buds, but they might have a wired pair or a slightly different pair. Earbuds are evolving quickly, so there’s always room for more.

Also on the wireless front, chargers continue to be popular mobile tech products. They serve a great purpose, with cellphone batteries constantly being drained. You just set your mobile device on the pad and it charges like magic.

While the general population will appreciate the chargers’ ease of use, advertisers will like their prominent imprint area. The best part is your logo is right there on some-one’s desk day in and day out. You really want to give out products that will remind current and future clients of your name and brand.

Across all types of accessories, product quality may play the largest role in the success of a promotion using mobile tech. With price points in the hundreds of dollars for top-line accessories, suppliers are mindful of providing products that live up to consumers’ expectations. We recommend moving out of the smaller power banks and moved into mostly 8k and 10k mAh power banks. And also upgrading our cables and are coming up with some new, higher-quality cellphone stands for the back of the phones.

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